Sunday, May 4, 2014

Don Salvador Benedicto and Balokon Spring Resort Stop Over

 After we went from Campuestohan Highland Resort, we stop over at DSB Lion statue.
When I travel from SCC to Bacolod I never had a chance lol.

What an epic pose dadah. HAHA! 
Naglisod ug naog. LOL

And then we stop over at Balokon Spring and I think to myself that I like to dive in the cold spring water but we're running out of time.

I will definitely go back to this place. Lovely! 

Some quotes to ponder:
“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” - Confucius


Sunday; May 4, 2014
Uh.. I'm not in really in the mood to blog because of the pains I felt in my body that includes stiff neck, cough and body aches but I like to update my blog as much as I can. :(  

I've been wishfully thinking to visit this place  because of my curiosity where everyone has been posting pictures about this kind of resort. Luckily, I have the opportunity to visit this place because of my boyfriend's family outing. 
It took 2 hours to travel from San Carlos City to Bacolod City (a van or vhire for 2 hours because it is about 2 and a half hour for CERES bus) *bummer! And when you arrive in Bacolod, it took 30 minutes to Campuestohan Highland Resort Talisay.

If you love nature, this is a perfect park for you with lovely statues and fun rides that includes rope course ( Php 200), zip line (Php 200), horse back riding (Php 150), Floating Bridge (free), Bike Rides (Php 200). The zip line stucks in the middle and not recommended but if you love adventure go grab it LOL. The place is too crowded maybe it's because Sunday and the cottages were too small for a big family outing. 

Here's the uyog uyog bridge haha... I felt dizzy for the first time walking in

I swear kids would love to visit this place because of the famous fictional statue character and I tell you that only kids would love to dunk into the pool.

I have so many pictures to share but  these are just selected ones and it took time to upload pictures because of this stupid internet that I've paid on time but still sucks! Anyway, I had so much fun taking photos and thanks to my bf for the photographs. To be honest, the pool sucks a lot because it is too small haha... I'd rather go to the beach and have some fun.

 It's really more fun in the Philippines. My goal when I get a stable job is to travel the Philippine tourist spot destination together with my loves. I love to wander different places. As for now I cannot afford to visit more fun places in the Philippines because I've been saving for my studies. Someday, I will take time to travel maybe during summer and learn more from my experiences and culture  and to inspire other people. 

Here's the rope course and it is not for me because of my hand mass.

What I like: 
*The statues of MARVEL's character  and the giant statues
*Fun rides 
*Nature inspired restaurant and cottages
* Perfect place for kids
* Very province environment/aromatic place of nature

What I don't like: 
*The Pool (too small) adults can't enjoy. If you like swimming more I recommend beaches.
*Expensive entrance (Php 150) because for province rate it is expensive hehe...and kids pay full price too
*The zip line, it stucks in the middle or so...

MY RATE: 7 out of 10

Ok that's it for now and I will leave you some inspirational thought:

What we all want in life, to travel, fall in love and be happy ♥

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Moisture

Splendid summer everyone! 
Here in the Philippines we love to have some fun under the sun and it is pretty amazing why we still manage to embrace the blazing heat of the sun. While the majority of us filipinas/pinoy love to whitens our skin but do you know the most important routine for daily basis? 
It is not to whiten nor to wash our face regularly but to protect our skin from UV Rays or never to skip using sunblock on a daily basis. It cause skin damages, acne, scars, wrinkles or even skin cancer.
I will shortly review to you is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Moisture.

 I've got this product for free from Neutrogena Philippines and luckily I won this product for free. $_$ 

Product info: 
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion SPF50 PA+++ is a superior ultra-lightweight protection lotion against UV and environmental aggressors for healthy, beautifully radiant skin. With breakthrough Helioplex™ that works like an invisible shield for skin by effectively blocking out harmful UVA/UVB rays and helping neutralize free radical damage. Skin is provided with superior protection against darkening and signs of premature aging.

 The packaging is very cute and neat and it comes with a small tube.

I applied it into my face (excuse my bare face) and here are some list of what I like about this product:
*Non-greasy and sticky unlike most sunscreens that comes with moisturizer.
*Lightweight because you don't feel like you applied the product
*Smooth and I love the smell the most
*Matte Finish - doesn’t make the face oily.
*Comes in a tube packaging
* SPF 50+ PA +++
*Suitable for makeup base.
*Perfect sunblock for daily skin care routine

What I don't like:
* Nothing because it is really a perfect sunblock for our skin ladies
* Expensive for me. It cost around Php 450- 500 (I know sunblocks are expensive) but it is a great help and a must for daily skin care routine when you expose your skin from the sun.

Will I buy again?  Yes! Definitely because I've been looking for a perfect sunscreen. 

Do I  Recommend it? Definitely! We need sunscreen because we live in a tropical island.  
So let's go to the beach or have some great adventure enjoying summer and don't forget to wear sunscreen boys and girls! 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Picnic at Centermall

What matters the world to me are the people who never choose to leave you. I was given a chance to live life freely when I started to realized that my family matters the most. People come and go and as the saying says: Happiness is not forever but I define my own happiness as a success. These people makes me happy. They are the most priceless treasure I cannot afford. True gold are my family and they're as expensive as what you think. I cried few years back realizing that I am not successful person because I wasn't able to finish my college degree but these people push me so hard to think that success doesn't define whether you graduated or you reached the highest position in life. Happiness comes inside from your spirit, mind and your heart when you learn to love, you will learn to be happy. When you learn to appreciate the beauty of life that God has given you will taste the greatest possession we could ever have is to be HAPPY! 
Too much of being sentimental haha... 
So we rushed going to the Centermall for a picnic again and it is my second time to join the club. LOL! 
Children's play while us are walking around watching Football games. Papa listened to the music like a teenager, my sis lay in our blanket like a queen, the two boys are dodging, mama was looking around and me? I'm taking selfie. LOL

Sorry about the photos because I don't have a good camera as of now. So it took me for a while to post great pixels but it doesn't matter. This is baby Robyn with my mama
My bro is leaving 4 weeks from now so I guess Sayonara again :(  and Anjelu doesn't have any pictures that was formally captured.
Me and my sister taking selfies like we are the selfiessh girls ever at the Centermall. Some girls are walking around, jogging and biking but both of us are laying around too lazy! lol  but I don't care because I work out so hard. haha! My boyfriend was not here because he's too lazy. (peace yoh!)

And it's eating time. The most awaited time for picnic especially the kids.

Words to remember! 
Love this quote! 'With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.' ~Max Ehrmann (Desiderata)
I love my family and forever they will be. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pre-Lude Summer 2014

Summer is just about to end but I am stuck at home working on websites, graphics and doing some stuffs online to earn money for my school this June. Lol! 
But I just picked out some photos. I love BEACH! so much and I don't care getting tanned. Photo was taken during my father and grandma's birthday. And so sad I cannot able to post good photos right now because I am still investing for a camera. haha! well maybe someday or sooner.
Well maybe I'll post more summer photos.

source: pinterest

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Zhen Braid

I miss my long hair but I never regret to have my short hair with hastag bangs. I love different kind of braids. I keep watching braid tutorials from Nene bebe, etc. Here's my recreation:

Plain And Simple

So I've came across in my portable hard drive looking at some old photos and there's only one thing I realized, I want the old me. I miss my simplicity, where I can walk outdoor even without make up. haha! Where I can only where tshirt and short pants. Don't get me wrong because I am still the same. :D

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Royalty Queen & Blue

Haha! I just love the title but don't overreact! LOL
This was a prize from Warehouse Philippines. There was a time when I wore this at the office, everybody looked at me and said I dress like the Dutchess haha.
When I received this dress it cost almost 3K. Whoaah, not even in my wildest dreams I can afford that kind of expensive dress but lucky me, Ive got it for free. :) 
And when I started dressing up myself, every

Photography: my lovely husband <3
Place: Boyf's house

~Your Life is your message to the world. Make sure it's inspiring.

You Are My Happy

Found these pics from my old ipod 4 :D

We all need someone who inspires us to do better than we know how.
I love my future husband to be but as of now he's my boyhubbyfriend! :)
He is my very bestfriend, my brother ( since I dont have brother), my closest enemy, my supporter
Too many words to describe about our cute relationship but to sum it up you make me super happy <3 I love you infinitely my dadah.
Burrrr.... this cold lonely nights! I misss you so badly.... 3 more days before I will see you and 3 more days for monthsarry. 5 years and 3 mos! <3

To Think Of You Is To Smile

Hello There, Im back! It's been a while. I wasn't able to update my blog it's because my life is so badly busy. Haha

I miss him so bad! It's so hard to start being in a Long Distance Relationship. I miss him so bad that I keep on checking my phone if there's a message. I don't know but I keep myself busy at this moment so that I cannot be able to feel the pain. Char!
I smile so that the world will not know how I feel.
Just like a cute tiger, it looks fierce yet so cold.
Self-photo aka Kitty Cat-Cat. Haha!  :D
I realize that I only need 
A river cuts through a rock not because  of its power but it's persistence. :) 


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